My Friend’s Garmin GPS Watch

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Random Thoughts

So, my friend showed me her new GPS watch.  This thing is really cool and has so many functions on it.  It monitors speed, pace, distance, location and heart rate and even tells you the elevation you are running at. It is also waterproof and works multi-sports activities, you can use it to analyse your performance from start to finish.

My Take:  I like the overall concept and the design is pretty cool.  It has a HUGE face on it….which rules out any future purchase for myself, as I have small women’s wrist ( I am a man).  My idea would be that you could program the watch with an IPOD.  When your speed slows down or pace is lacking, then a motivated voice begins to talk to you.  But in this program, the voice uses sarcasm to motivate the runner. “Are you serious?” or  “….you have worked so hard already today” “I honestly do not believe that you have it in you to pull this run out?  I mean really? and finally “You really need to pick it up, all signs in here point to a very unfit unhealthy person.  This way the runner gets back with a seriously low self-esteem and perhaps shaved time off their previous run.


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